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Шрифт KR All About The Heart

Вы находитесь на странице шрифта KR All About The Heart. Этот шрифт бесплатный для личного пользования. Его нельзя использовать в коммерческих целях. Публикация шрифта на состоялась 14.08.2012 в 04:04. Он был помещен в категорию "Праздничные - Св. Валентина". Версия шрифта KR All About The Heart - "". Вы можете скачать шрифт KR All About The Heart совершенно бесплатно и без регистрации, кликнув по ссылке "Скачать шрифт". Данный шрифт был сжат в ZIP-архив для вашего удобства. Архив содержит 1 файлов шрифтов.

От автора

The fonts available on my site
Kat's Fun Fonts
are freeware font files!

This means:

This font was created by me, Kat Rakos.

You may use it for personal use only. You know as well as I do what 'personal use only' so please don't play games with me and try to get around it. If you honestly do NOT understand how the font world works, shoot me a note (katsfunfonts@hotmail or and I'll explain it all to you :)

Legal mumbo jumbo:

without prior communication, WRITTEN authorization from me. Copyright permissions are available for sale.

My fonts MAY be placed on any website available for download, providing proper CREDIT is given, a link back
to me and this README.txt file is left in tact and attached to all of MY files you offer for download.
YOU MAY NOT directly link to my site or use my images or use my bandwith to offer the files.
You do need to contact me first though for permission. Shoot me a note and I'll get you one right back
and you can put the zips right up :)

I am not and can not be held resposible for any damages incurred to any computer after installing and/or using this font.

All fonts have been made my me or with freeware/royalty free images. If you made any of the images or know who did, write me and I'll remove it from my site immediately upon confirmation. No need to get all IPPITY :) I don't want people taking my work. I surely wouldn't want to be known for taking someone elses!

If you use this font for a project you're proud of, let me see it ! I'd like to see what you did with it!

You can see all of my fonts at

If you like this font or have an idea for a font, let me know! Send your mail to



Предварительный просмотр

KR All About The Heart font preview

Карта шрифта

KR All About The Heart font map


KR All About The Heart font waterfall

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